Remote live streaming productions

Live Streaming Services

Create profesional looking webinars, hybrid events, traininggs, conferences with minimal costs

Video & Post Production

Video recordings in a Green Room, Montages, Voice Overs, Podcasts and Vidcasts with ultramodern equipment and absolute audio and video quality.

Event Manegemnt

Organizing your events or conference, ticketing, web development, marketing registration, payment automation.

Business Support & Branding

Meet our renounced professionals like business coaches, communication specialists, film directors, web developers, make up artists and let them create a unique event for your organization.

Digital Marketing

Creating comunication plan and advertising your event or brand in Social Media and other networks.

Brainstorming from our specialists

You bring the idea, any idea, anw we can tell you how to make it sustainable, profitable and what it takes to make it happen.

Our News

Event planning of the two-day international workshop in Athens with Dr. Gabor Maté

Alternative Media, in collaboration with ZEN ROCKS MANI is organizing the international two-day workshop with Dr. Gabor Maté in June 2023.

Live Streaming of the World Congress of HeartMath Institute for the third consecutive year

Alternative Media hosted for the third consecutive year the global conference of the California-based HeartMath Renal Institute in California, USA.

Live Streaming production and registration for UNHCR

Alternative Media successfully conducted the UNHCR conference in Greece.

Marketing & Live Streaming for Dynamic Equilibrium System

On Saturday, February 18, a unique educational seminar took place at Chironas in Paiania.

Promo Corporate Videos for GENERATION Y

GENERATION Y is one of the largest Digital Transformation agencies in Greece.

Hybrid financial education seminar with Yiannis Kantartzis on behalf of the Game of Money Club at the Alternative Media studio

On Sunday, December 11, took place the seminar ” Portfolio Diversification – 10 most common mistakes as investors “

Branded production for VIVIFY BEAUTY LAB with journalist Vicky Handzis and Dora Papantonakis

At Alternative Media we love new challenges and creativity. This was one of the most awesome collaborations.

Double production in Crete and Athens for the UNHCR Greece

Alternative Media undertook the implementation of two conferences of the UNHCR in Athens and Crete.

Trophy Challenge Production. Three of them online and one hybrid production.

Alternative Media took over the production of TROPHY CHALLENGE competition organized by the organization New Georgia – New Generation.

Two-day Public Speaking Workshop for theSPEAKERS

On October 22 and 23, the two-day public speaking workshop of theSpeakers – RISE now I can be heard Experience Series- took place at Domotel Kastri.

Seminar in Mykonos for the Industrial Property Organization

The Industrial Property Organization (OBI), the exclusively responsible body for Greece held a seminar

Alternative Media at Nina’s Kaloutsa seminar Speak & Thrive

On Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 of October Mrs. Nina Kaloutsa, voice and public speaking specialist held the Speak & Thrive seminar at the town hall of Hellinikon,

Make a Wish: Alternative Media as main sponsor for Asteromera 2022

On Saturday 8th of October 2022 students came from all over Greece to receive their prizes from their participation in the Star of Wishes program, accompanied by parents and teachers.

Hybrid workshop for 600 people with LED WALL and Crane

Alternative Media once again implemented the big seminar of ApofasiZo ” The Dynamic Of Success”.

After effects promo video for Angelakis SA

In the context of colaboration of Angelakis SA and Enallaktiki Drasi, Altenative Media created the following promotional video for social media


Alternative Media created the following video for EKO RALLY ACROPOLIS on behalf of EXPOWORK.

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Our Values

  • Creativity and Passion

    We love innovation and the thrill of creating new projects. Challenges are our way of proving that nothing is impossible. The limits of reality are the limits of fantasy.

  • Experience

    Our team and colleagues have vast and specialized experience in every sector and are ready to provide their expertise for the implementation of your project.

  • Transparency

    Apart from reliable, verifiable and high-quality services, we also provide full detailed reports on all our agreements.

  • Justice

    In contrast to the current situation in the field of marketing, at Alternative Media we are convinced that for a collaboration to succeed, all parties must have a win with the same degree of satisfaction.

  • Long Collaborations

    We work together based on long-term collaborations. We invest in our relationships and listen to the needs of our partners. Therefor 95% of our clients choose to join forces with us.

  • Vision

    For us, the future is a space of infinite possibilities. Our vision is to create a pioneering model of collaboration where all parties evolve simultaneously.

When the passion of fulfilling your dream keeps your vision alive, your journey towards implementation will provide you with opportunities you need to reach your destination!


Hire one of our team’s vastly experienced operators who will guide you to create the best possible event in the most cost effective way.


Our consultant will collaborate with you to create the right scenario that will meet the needs of your event.


In a notebook, we will provide you with all the tips and tricks for your speakers so they can have the best possible audiovisual results.


Rehearsals are an integral part of an event. Before the event takes place we rehearse the script as many times as necessary.


Rather than attending a lecture, we will create events that are truly interactive and will provide the participants with a live experience.


During filming we will send you audiovisual material from the control room which you can either publish or keep for your own records.


The event will be recorded and sent to you via Google Drive. If requested, we can also edit the recordings.





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