ZOOM productions and Live Streaming services for events and remote conferences

ZOOM productions and Live Streaming services for events and remote conferences

Do you want to organize from a simple seminar, to a concert of international standards? It is possible, it is easy and it is much cheaper than you can imagine. Alternative Media, having organized over 400 educational online events, conferences, corporate meetings, presentations and motivational conferences from March 2020 until today, is one of the companies with the greatest experience in the field.

The services we provide are the following:

• Corporate training on the ZOOM platform
• Provision of ZOOM virtual rooms with a capacity up to 1000 people (with the possibility of expansion up to 10,000 people)
• Remote Hosting ZOOM operators
• Live Streaming on Facebook, YouTube and other channels
• Creation of custom visual backgrounds
• Secure backup internet so that even in the event in case of a connection interruption you can continue broadcasting normally.
• Human resources (ZOOM operators, Event Facilitators etc)
• Automation of registrations and sending messages to those interested in the event
• Ticketing and online payment services for your event
• Video Editing
• Live subtitling
• Interpretation in up to 6 languages simultaneously
• Marketing, communication and advertising of the event
• Creating a permanent Studio in your space

These services can be applied to:

• Conducting simple online seminars
• Conducting educational programs
• Book presentations
• Corporate presentations and meetings
•Theatrical Performances
•Cultural events
• Festivals etc.

If you are interested in the above services, fill in the form below so that we can better understand your needs or contact us at info@alternativemedia.gr.