Audiovisual Coverage of Athens Fashion Trade Show

Audiovisual Coverage of Athens Fashion Trade Show

Athens Fashion Trade Show is organized by the largest exhibition planner in Greece, ROTA SA., at Metropolitan Expo.

Greece, for once more, ranks as one of the safest destinations in the world for 2021, rendering it as the ideal destination for business and recreation.

Shops with clothing, footwear, accessories and bijoux visit Athens Fashion Trade Show exclusively to place new orders for the season, thus the show offers a high return on investment.

Athens Metropolitan Expo offers high level of exhibition services and facilitation for the maximum advantage of business potential.

Greece, with its geographic position and as a bridge of three continents, displays a high fusion of styles favouring innovatiion and imaginative enterpreneurship.

Importers, traders, craftsmen, creators, new talents, designers, influencers are all here.

The partners of Alternative Media undertook the audiovisual coverage of the exhibition as well as the creation of the promotional material.